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Published on November 26, 2012, by in Email.

Are you thinking of setting up a business email account? But still thinking if it would be wise to do so. You do not know how important having a business email account when you are running your own business. You can always visit the www.gmailaccountlogin.net for more information. It is very effective that you can communicate easily and effectively with your employees, clients and business associate through the company’s email address.

There are two kinds of email address that a company may use. But in this two there are pros and cons of using it.

  1. The branded email address. This is the kind that uses the company’s name or domain name as their email ID which maybe in this form @companydomainname.com. Most of the company uses this kind for many reasons.
  2. The non-branded email address. It is any type of email ID that does not use the name or domain name of the company. It uses the free email service providers such as the Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.

Most of the people recommend the branded email ID because the second one had been mostly used personally by people. Though it is free but when it comes to security such as virus protection and SPAM it lacks the tools of prevention. That is why as much as possible it should be set that the branded kind is what your company uses. One not good thing about branded email address is when you have already set it, you can’t change it to another one. That is why you need to be careful on what you set.

Advantages of Business Email Account

  1. It advertises the name of your company since it is included on the email ID.
  2. It gives the business a more professional look.
  3. It has many features such as a secured virus protection, organization tool and many more tools needed for the business.

Now you are convince on why you have to create your own email address for your business. Login to gmail for further information about emails.