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Published on October 23, 2012, by in Email.

Proper etiquette is an important trait of a person. No matter where you go, you have to always take it with you. When interacting even on cyber web you have to be always mindful of what you say or do. Though you may not see them but you have to be professional in what you do. What you say will become their first impression of who you are. Still do not have an email account? This post might help you.

But before you start signing up for your own email, you might at least want to read the right and wrong way of emailing.

  1. Always put on the subject field what your email is all about. Recipient would want to know what to know what your email is all about before reading it. In this way they would be interested in opening it. The subject would tell also if your email is important or not to the recipient.
  2. Only send emails to the people who are important or you are involved with. To avoid receiving annoying responds from recipients, just send emails to those people whom you have important message to tell. People who will receive your message will value it if they know you.
  3. Be brief and direct to the point on your message. In order to be understood, it is advisable to be short and be precised on what you write. If you have a long message, it is advised that you have to write them on many paragraphs. In this way they can read your message easily.
  4. Before sending your messages never forget to reread it. You do not want them to read some of your grammatically error sentences or misspelled words right? So proof read your message to know if you have constructed it correctly for them to understand.

Now you are ready to have your own email account now, just visit www.gmail.com login page.