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Published on April 24, 2014, by in Uncategorized.

You do not have a credit card account yet? Is it your first time to apply? First Premier Bank allows first timer to apply for this account. For those who are also looking for lower rates of repayment, this is the bank you are looking for. To those who already have an account, you can pay your bills in three ways. You only need to pick which is ideal on your part.

  1. You have to enrol your credit card initially online by going to their web site at mypremiercreditcard.com online and click “Enroll Now”. You have to supply your credit card number, the expiration date and the three digits you may see at the back of the card. You also need to give you the name as well as the billing address of the card. Establish your personal username and password with your user profile. And lastly, choose the “Register Card” button. You will find look at your user and manage your profile. Second, click the “Pay My Bill” alternative and then build your web user profile using a checking account.
  2.  In case you are compensating by mail, it’s essential to mail a check or money to the bank. You have to have your current billing statement after which obtain the lower part to be sent out together with the money or check. It’s essential to mail it towards the address on the bank.
  3. If you want to initiate compensation by means of telephone, you can call the customer program within the team at 1-800-987-5521. Press1 for English and after that 2 for payments. Following, press again 1 for telephone payment selection. Then, type in the credit card number within your keypad and simply wait for a consultant over the phone. It’s going to inquire about your debit or bank account to procedure the payment.

You need to register your card online so you can manage your own account now at mypremiercreditcard.com online website.