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Published on June 4, 2015, by in Business.

Paperless pay is an automated online payroll system that can be an efficient solution for company who wanted to save time in preparing payroll for your employees. The ROI of buying this software is immediate. How? Just read the following benefits below for Securitasepay.com.image1

  1. Can be customized according to what you want. The person in charged with the preparing of payroll can alter the way the pay stub appears to be to be published. There are numerous templates, colors and shape that are free to use than the conventional method of doing it.
  2. It can save money. The business does not need any more the payslip and hand out them to their employees. All they need is to ask them to sign in with the securitasepay.com paystub website. The return of investment using the online system is instant. The firm don’t really need to shell out fixing and submitting payslips in the regular It minimizes not just papers but not to mention the amount of work of someone to spend on more productive project. Just visit Securitas epay login page.
  3. Employees can also have benefits. Staff love the benefits offered by the online pay stub feature in comparison to the traditional process. There exists a survey performed in a business which is by using the existing The 62 percent of the staff members preferred the online pay stub as opposed to the printed one.
  4. Accessible anytime and anywhere. With this online system, you can connect to any information about the payroll of your staff members whenever you intend and anywhere it has an net connection. You don’t have to find out information from the data files in your cabinet. All you need is the search engine way and you could see the history of a certain employee.

Get more information about the system at their website at www.Securitasepay.com.