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Published on December 23, 2014, by in Email.

Life in prison can be tough when you don’t often communicate with your loved ones as often as you want. If you want to ease the loneliness feeling inside, you can now email them anytime you want using CorrLinks. You can have your own email account and message those people you would like to talk to. How can you obtain your own account?

The Steps in Signing Up for CorrLinks Accountimage 2

  1. The system will send an invitation those who are fit to join the program with the Identification code.
  2. When you received your invitation, you can now start with your registration process at www.corrlinks.com. Go to the homepage and then click “Register”. Select the “New Users”.
  3. You will need an email address to use on the registration. Just enter your valid email ID and create a password for the security of your own account. You also have to enter the Identification code to complete the process.
  4. Finally you are done and you need to wait 30 minutes for your account to be approved by the admin.

Tips of Using Your New CorrLinks Account

  1. To add an inmate in your address book, you have to add the number of the inmate.
  2. The Identification code is required upon the adding of inmate number in your contact list.
  3. After adding, you are now ready to compose your first email. To do it, just go to your Mailbox and select “New Message”.
  4. If you want to reply immediately when the receiver replied on your email, you can setup message alert. Go to Account Management and then to the “Manage your inmate list”. In there just tick off the “Email Alert”. You will now receive an email in your email address every time you received a message on your CorrLinks account.